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Samurai Adventure Samurai Adventure

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Very well made 24 project. I do like the detail you put into the game even with the limited time you had. The game play itself was smooth and fun, and reminded me a bit like the original Legend Of Zelda. I do have 2 complaints. For one, I felt that the yellow environment was not the best choice, as the color began to hurt my eyes after a small while of playing. Also, the hit detection is a bit off. The bee/fly enemy was able to damage me even when he wasn't touching my player. Finally, the sound and music was great in the game. Overall I rate this 4/5. A great pick up and play RPG that pushed its limits as it was completed in 24 hours. Just a few tweaks like maybe adjusting the yellow to a softer yellow or a darker color to mix better with the black, and fix the hit detection, and this would be a perfect 24 hour RPG.

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SirenGames responds:

If I have a couple hours tonight I'll look into getting some better hitboxes. That issue has come up before it was released as well by a friend. Also I totally agree on the color as well. Maybe I'll look into a muted overlay or even changing the assets altogether to fix that.

Thanks for the awesome feedback!